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Welcome to a simpler way to get them there

SchooBer is a ride service for kids designed to help you take some of the stress out of your family's busy schedule. It was created by three moms who understand the struggle of getting kids around town safely.

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We get it

Lotr warhammer Frodo, Sam And Golum

We wouldn't trust our kids with just anyone, and neither should you. That's why we developed a solution that makes scheduling rides with experienced 25mm roman era sarmatian - heavy 12 figures - cav (33552)WRG6 city if skulls 2E 2nd ed adventure module dungeons and dragons AD&D RPGWarhammer Age of Sigmar Warriors of Chaos Marauders 564caregivers easy and convenient, with built-in stringent safety features to give you real peace of mind. We fingerprint every SchooBerDriver, monitor every ride in real time, and you can follow along on your app too.

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Using SchooBer is easy

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Schedule a ride. Get Kate to ballet this Wednesday at 4, or Caden to karate every Tuesday at 3. You can create weekday rides for yourWorld of Darkness White Wolf 60100 PROMETHEAN The Created Strange Alchemies VGCMedieval-LARP-Re enactment-GREEK-ROMAN-Calico Sleeveless Braided Tunic ALL SIZES25mm marlburian dutch - regt. 12 figures - inf (28812)TRINITY AEON CORE RULEBOOK SPECIAL EDITION. Spiralbound Roleplaying Game. WhiteWarhammer Age of Sigmar Malign Sorcery games workshop kids right from the app or the website. Include any special location information about things like school sign-out procedures, pick-up lines, and parking challenges. Rides must be booked 8 hours before pick up if your ride is after 10am. If before 10am, make sure to book by 7pm the night before. Rides are available 7 days a week. Games Workshop Warhammer 40k Orks, Chaos, Heavy Weapons Sprue Bits Tyranids


Meet your driver. When you set up your ride, you will be matched with a SchooBerDriver. You will see their profile, picture and car information. Share this information with your child so they know who to expect. Also, if necessary, please provide your driver's information for any required sign-out authorizations.

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Track your ride. Download the SchooBer app to schedule rides, get real-time updates, and track your child during their ride. Download the free app now 25mm ECW parliament - cuirassiers 10 figures - cav (23113) |

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For anyone who needs a little extra care

Have a parent or relative who doesn’t drive? SchooBer is a great alternative. When they ride with a SchooBerDriver, you’ll have peace of mind knowing they’ll get the extra attention they need, 25mm sci-fi bunker scenery terrain (as photo) (14828)25mm ACW confederate - american civil war infantry 14 figures - inf (12500)Warhammer Marlus Darkblade 85-41F Metal Minaturewhether they’re heading to an appointment or just need a ride to lunch with friends. Learn More

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We're rolling throughout Greenville Ms

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We're expanding every day, and will be rolling in your neighborhood soon. The more families signed up in your area, the sooner we will get there. Download the app Games Workshop Warhammer Undead Vampire Counts Manfred Von Carstein Mounted OOPAndroid and let all your friends know about SchooBer. 

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Have more questions? Find answers to all your SchooBer questions here.

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Designed by safety-obsessed moms

In everything we do, we put safety first — from the way we rigorously screen our drivers to our in-ride safety features and our live customer support. After all, our kids use SchooBer too. All SchooBerDrivers must pass our mom-approved, selective 15-point certification process, which includes extensive background checks, fingerprinting, requiring drivers to be members of the TrustLine registry, ongoing DMV checks, ride-alongs, reference checks, driver training, and meeting every single driver in person. Your child also has their own personalized code word their driver will confirm with them for added security. We have insurance specifically designed for transporting children, and have partnered with Zendrive, a software that monitors driving behavior and helps us ensure that drivers are not texting or talking while your child is in the car. We look out for your kids the same way we take care of ours.

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SchooBerDrivers pass the picky mom test

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All of our SchooBerDrivers must pass through our 15-point certification process. They all have a minimum of 5 years of childcare experience. They are moms, teachers, nannies, babysitters, nurses and more. Our drivers are required to be members of the TrustLine registry, the gold standard for background checks for childcare providers in the state of California. When your kids ride with SchooBer, you can rest assured they are in expert hands.

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Interested in becoming a SchooBerDriver?

Think you have what it takes to become a SchooBerDriver? We perform comprehensive background checks, help you get registered with TrustLine, and meet every SchooBerDriver in person.Electrocutioner 35mm Batman Miniature Game DC Universe Knight Models 35dc143The Walking Dead Safety Behind Bars Expansion English All Out War manticgamesImperial guard metal ogryns x3Games Workshop Birthday Space Marine Primaris Captain with Powerfist BNIB You'll be expected to adhere to the Rules and take great care of the kids you drive. This is a job you do with love! 

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